“Apport Garda” it’s our invaluable annual conference for goalkeeper coaches worldwide, that for many summers has taken place in the surroundings of Lake Garda, IT. Regrettably, due to the pandemic and the travelling restrictions that it has imposed everywhere, we have decided to call off the event for the second year in a row.

However, we have decided to compensate it and transfer it into an online platform that will enable you to gain invaluable new knowledge without the hassle of travelling. We have come up with a distinctive event for this year called; “APPORT GARDA WEB SEMINAR”

The event will take place on our online platform from Mid April to the end of May, spread throughout 7 days of knowledge, composed of a total of 14 respectable speakers (2 for each day), that will share with you the latest concepts on goalkeeper coaching.

For all the non-Italian coaches we have thought to offer the lessonas a playback option, in order to cut the translation time and present it to you already translated. The recorded lecture will last 60 minute. If you happen to miss the lecture, when is premiered, don’t worry as you will still have the opportunity play it back on the platform later on.

The price to partecipate is EURO 99,00 for APPORT MEMBERSHIP and EURO 125,00 for the NO APPORT MEMBERS included Membership fee 2021.

Download the REGISTRATION FORM (click) and send it to iscrizione@apportgarda.it